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My Story

(Or how I went from stressed-out Store Manager to relaxing Reflexologist!)

Hi, I‘m Clare Brausen and I started Little Haven Therapies in January 2015. So why reflexology? Well, it helped me feel better when I had a horrid throat infection in 2002, and again in 2008 when I struggled with my health once more. But most importantly to me, it helped me get my life back after suddenly being crippled with stress and anxiety due to work.

My background is a very corporate one, climbing the retail career ladder from Saturday girl to Store Manager. I was good at my job, and felt comfortable and confident. Until one day I didn‘t. I remember feeling sick, dizzy and unable to breathe properly driving to work. I couldn‘t function at work, and came home early. Then the next day, the same feelings. Then they would start in the evenings, or after a day off, the dread and fear of…..what? I didn‘t really know, couldn‘t fathom it out. What had changed, why was this happening? In the end I just broke, and I couldn‘t do it any more. So I left, didn‘t go back. The relief was enormous, but some of the feelings stayed. I began to realise that what I was and had been feeling were all symptoms of work-related stress and anxiety. I didn‘t recognise them as such, and so I did nothing about them, tried to power on through, it would all be ok in the end. Of course, it wasn‘t. Gradually, by increasing my understanding and knowledge of stress, how it works, and how it makes us feel, I began to feel better.

After I had left my job, I remembered the courses of reflexology that I‘d had previously, and realised that this therapy could play a massive part in helping to manage all those thoughts and feelings I was having. And if it could help me then maybe it could help others too. So I found a course and re-trained as a Reflexologist. By this time, I had married and had my daughter. Life began to look and feel very different to how it was! The feelings can still raise their ugly head occaisionally, but I know what they are now, and how to deal with them.

Now I am a fully-qualified Reflexologist who specialises in helping those struggling with work-related stress and anxiety. It‘s a fabulous therapy which can and does help relax, relieve tension and help sleep quality, among may other wonderful things (as anyone who has experienced it will tell you!)

If this is you, if you recognise yourself in any of this, I get it! I understand, really. Reflexology can help you! It can help you to manage those feelings and thoughts. It can help you to relax and help to give yourself the time and the relaxed, clear head needed to help you through.

Interested so far? Want to know more, what it‘s all about, what happens and of course how much?! Click through the tabs above for more information. Or please feel free to call or email me with any questions. No obligation to book, just ask away!

I‘m looking forward to chatting to or seeing you soon. Remember it doesn‘t have to feel like this forever – it really doesn‘t!!

Take care,


PS How to find me

I work from my relaxing therapy room in my home in Waterlooville, near Denmead. I am only a short drive from the A3 to Petersfield, the A27 to Chichester, and the M27 to Fareham and Portsmouth.

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Trained by Sally Earlam

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